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SFDC Sales Quota and Revenue Responsibility


Salesforce via Excel Data Connector – Complete sales data import and export synch.

Customers who buy frequently or infrequently but in large orders stand out using Excel's advanced data modeling tools. Janssen Technology's implementation techniques facilitate you by developing your own data science skills, you will quickly visualize & graph patterns.


Sales is a high-risk, high-reward environment. The reality is that quota pressure is never ending and it only increases as you become more successful. Revenue goals are designed to swiftly ramp up, thereby fully maximizing the potential of the sales staff. Janssen Technology is dedicated to exceeding all expectations by pooling team efforts, routine daily prospecting, growing your opportunity pipeline and adding sustainable velocity to the sales process. With a concentrated ongoing focus and strategic guidance, Janssen Technology is confident that it can help you achieve any sales, systems engineering or other targets you set forth.


Janssen Technology facilitated the growth of the Southwest region's revenue by an increase of over 350%. In just 6 weeks in Europe, while providing emergency coverage of Sales and Engineering and effectively replacing 3 employees who left unexceptedly, Janssen Technology proved decisive in the closure of $1,800,000.