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Google Glass

Google Glass in Fire, EMS and Medicine Community Moderator for over 1000 users.

Janssen Technolgy is working with Indy 500 Race Trauma Surgeon Dr. Paul SzotekDr. David Martinau and the founder of 5D Robotics on Public Emergency Applications.

Janssen Technology is coordinating the development of technology specifically engineered for Emergency Medical Services using Google Glasses and moderate the on-line community (#GlassEMS).  In addition, Janssen Technology moderates over 1000 users Google Glass in Medicine (#Glassmed) and Google Glass in Firefighting (#Glassfire) groups.

Google Glass and similar HW/SW applications will revolutionize all aspects of healthcare and public safety data. Janssen Technology integrates IT management of Mass Causality Incidents (MCIs). Fire/Rescue/EMS communicates to E911 dispatch via drones & helmet cam video uplinks providing 3D assements for incident commanders.