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Case study   FireEye Healthcheck Packet

Case study   FireEye Healthcheck Packet2


VSS-FireEye Joint Case Study.pdf


Customized Health Check Packet - FireEye

Configuration of FireEye Health Check Triggers with vProtector


FireEye health-check packet format:

fireeyecnc.rules:alert udp any any -> [,,,] 1024: (sid:33332166; rev:1; msg:"503 irc_bot_cmd Bot.Mariposa butterfly_cnc callback-bot block";  dsize:21; content:"|18|"; offset: 0; depth: 1; priority:90;)

45 00 00 2E 00 00 40 00 40 11 6D 09 4A 56 67 72 5C F1 BE FC 00 04 04 00 00 1D 2D FD 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

This packet will check the application stack of FireEye device. Packet will be sent from one connected bridge port to other. If the packet doesn’t receive on other end after certain number of attempt which can be configured in VSS trigger Policy then it will be considered as failure.



"We (FireEye) intentionally created the packet to mimic Mariposa call backs, but it does not have the entire content to actually trigger alerts/notifications.  The goal was to craft a packet that will allow us to detect potential half hung states, where the MPS is not bridging traffic or is not failing open correctly. The packet will go thru parts of phase1 inspection and should the MPS be in an unexpected state, the packet will not flow thru.  We (FireEye) feel this is a better approach than using icmp or other packets that cannot check bridge status."

Health check packet   FireEye