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SFDC Win   Loss Analysis

Salesforce - Overview

Increase sales, improve customer statisfaction and enhance productitivity with Salesforce.


Janssen Technology helps de-mystify Salesforce by teaching you how to quickly create comprehensive Profit / Loss reports, all right at your fingertips. Complex data analysis will be far faster, more complete and provide a much clearer picture of the inner workings of your business.


Maximize the return on your investment (ROI) in Salesforce by using dynamic dashboards:



  • Increase sales - Accurate sales performance reports can be used for comp plans and promotions
  • Raise gross margins - Start financial forecasting, reduce OPEX by automation and increase GPM
  • Improve profitability - Keep track of expenses, cut down on waste and eliminate redundancy
  • Enhance efficiency - Using the Data Loader, you can run Salesforce from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Defeat your competition - CompetitorLens is a Salesforce1 Lighting mobile app developed by the Janssen Technology Engineering Department  
  • Heighten accountability - Create employee Performance Improvement Plans for low skill staff



  • Facilitate your partnerships - Partner Portal and marketing metrics for co-op funds justification
  • Define long term goals - Leadership reviews to set priorities and link corporate goals for success
  • Establish strategic planning - Rationalize roles, privileges, security posture and KPI dashboards
  • Develop departmental tactical steps - Full feasibility assessments result in realistic timelines



  • Serve your customers - Reduce wait times with Service Cloud, Email to Case, Self-Service Portal
  • Create and score leads - Scoring, ranking, proper routing to sales, Web-to-Lead and social net
  • Focus marketing - Automatic Marketing Event ROI Calculator for campaign metrics and MDF
  • Augment staff training - “C” level executive coaching, group mentoring and knowledge base



  • Convert your legacy data - Data migration, cleanup, resolve duplication and increase data quality
  • Customize your SFDC Org - Design Custom Objects, page layouts, buttons and add 3rd party apps
  • Architect and implement SFCD designs - Janssen Technology launched NetScout’s and Ixia’s Org  
  • Manage corporate procedures - Automate project management workflows and finish early
  • Address demo or POC gear - Opportunity line item conversion to assets will reduce CAPEX costs

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SFDC Strategic Reporting and Executive Dashboards


Salesforce Dashboards – RSM Stage is graphed in comparision to Sales Engineering

Sales and Sales Engineering can have vastly different perspectives on an Opportunity's chance to close.


Sales can be forecasting a strong upside deal, but the Sales Engineering stage shows no SE contact on major accounts. The SE in this case, had a far more realistic technical perspective that was based on new product roadmap data from PLM vs. the RSM's 'gut feeling'. All of these opportunites did eventually successful close, as did over 85% of all POCs conducted by Janssen Technology.


Due to the specific and detailed comparison dashboards, senior Sales/SE management was able to make fully informed executive decisions. This was based on when, where and how to manufacture exactly the right number of scarce POC appliances to percisely meet theexceptional production demands that customer's excitement was generating.  


SFDC Edited Examples of Salesforce work

Salesforce examples of SFDC work

Complete integration of Salesforce into your intenal business process is made easier.

Examples of Salesforce screenshots.

Salesforce examples


 SFDC Marketing Events App


Salesforce  Marketing Events, Co-Op & MDF integrated application

This customized application is used to track registration and costs associated with marketing events

Customized Salesforce Labs application.

Salesforce Suggestions and Solutions (Marketing Events Co-Op and MDF) v.2.pdf


SFDC CompetitorLens Dashboard

Salesforce CompetitorLens Customized Application

Complete integration of Salesforce into your intenal business process is made easier.

CompetitorLens customized Salesforce1 mobile application.

CompetitorLens - Mobile Salesforce1 Application Outline