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SFDC Enterprise screen capture


Salesforce Legacy Database Integration - Synch Excel, Access with other custom apps

This diagram shows an entire enterprise connected via Salesforce.  All legacy systems can be synchronized with MySQL.


Janssen Technology understands the subtleties that are required to be successful within any organization. Janssen Technology is very creative, thoughtful and highly innovative in the way it approaches your company's unique problems. If there is not a Win-Win outcome for everyone involved, obviously we need to put our heads together and have a brain storming session.

Janssen Technology will always do whatever it takes to generate a realistic project plan that produces the results you intended, not simply provide you with a vague set of boiler-plate recomendations copied from another customer's presentation.

Janssen Technology's concentration on your specific requirements is complete, hallmarks of its work are laser-focused efforts and fine attention to the details that matter to your company. Helping you establish, then optimize your orginization's unique Key Perfomance Indicators (KPIs) is the main mission.