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SFDC Strategic Reporting and Executive Dashboards


Salesforce Dashboards – RSM Stage is graphed in comparision to Sales Engineering

Sales and Sales Engineering can have vastly different perspectives on an Opportunity's chance to close.


Sales can be forecasting a strong upside deal, but the Sales Engineering stage shows no SE contact on major accounts. The SE in this case, had a far more realistic technical perspective that was based on new product roadmap data from PLM vs. the RSM's 'gut feeling'. All of these opportunites did eventually successful close, as did over 85% of all POCs conducted by Janssen Technology.


Due to the specific and detailed comparison dashboards, senior Sales/SE management was able to make fully informed executive decisions. This was based on when, where and how to manufacture exactly the right number of scarce POC appliances to percisely meet theexceptional production demands that customer's excitement was generating.