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SFDC Win   Loss Analysis

Salesforce - Overview

Increase sales, improve customer statisfaction and enhance productitivity with Salesforce.


Janssen Technology helps de-mystify Salesforce by teaching you how to quickly create comprehensive Profit / Loss reports, all right at your fingertips. Complex data analysis will be far faster, more complete and provide a much clearer picture of the inner workings of your business.


Maximize the return on your investment (ROI) in Salesforce by using dynamic dashboards:



  • Increase sales - Accurate sales performance reports can be used for comp plans and promotions
  • Raise gross margins - Start financial forecasting, reduce OPEX by automation and increase GPM
  • Improve profitability - Keep track of expenses, cut down on waste and eliminate redundancy
  • Enhance efficiency - Using the Data Loader, you can run Salesforce from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Defeat your competition - CompetitorLens is a Salesforce1 Lighting mobile app developed by the Janssen Technology Engineering Department  
  • Heighten accountability - Create employee Performance Improvement Plans for low skill staff



  • Facilitate your partnerships - Partner Portal and marketing metrics for co-op funds justification
  • Define long term goals - Leadership reviews to set priorities and link corporate goals for success
  • Establish strategic planning - Rationalize roles, privileges, security posture and KPI dashboards
  • Develop departmental tactical steps - Full feasibility assessments result in realistic timelines



  • Serve your customers - Reduce wait times with Service Cloud, Email to Case, Self-Service Portal
  • Create and score leads - Scoring, ranking, proper routing to sales, Web-to-Lead and social net
  • Focus marketing - Automatic Marketing Event ROI Calculator for campaign metrics and MDF
  • Augment staff training - “C” level executive coaching, group mentoring and knowledge base



  • Convert your legacy data - Data migration, cleanup, resolve duplication and increase data quality
  • Customize your SFDC Org - Design Custom Objects, page layouts, buttons and add 3rd party apps
  • Architect and implement SFCD designs - Janssen Technology launched NetScout’s and Ixia’s Org  
  • Manage corporate procedures - Automate project management workflows and finish early
  • Address demo or POC gear - Opportunity line item conversion to assets will reduce CAPEX costs

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