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Success Story - Sandia National Labratories - $6,000,000 Sniffer Site Licesnse

This document outlines the steps to success for the Network Associates (McAfee) site license at SNL.


Janssen Technology facilitated a series of Red Team workshops, social engineering presentations and ‘rogue’ 802.11 AP demonstrations that ultimately led Sandia National Laboratories (DoE) to purchase a Sniifer site license covering the entire top-secret facility. Janssen Tehcnology was instrumental in Network Associates (now McAfee / Intel / NetScout) Systems Engineering work at SNL as well as classified assistance to govenrments and intelligence organizations around the world,

The total of the entire opportunity Janssen Technology won as well over $6,000,000, however it was worth far more to the company because of cementing Network Associates/McAfee product lines into SNL’s future.  The combined revenue generated over the years (this success story was in 2001) with the integration of PGP, McAfee, Infinistream and other related solutions is easily in the tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars.