Janssen Technology

Founder Aaron Janssen

Founder Aaron Janssen

Aaron Janssen

Founder Aaron Janssen
Founder Aaron Janssen

With over 25 years in sales, engineering and marketing management,

 Janssen Technology has the ideal combination of professional experience to meet all of your business needs. Janssen Technology has a vision for the future and unique knowledge gained from senior level partnerships with major network analysis, security software and hardware manufacturers.

Guiding Principals and Strategic Perspective:

• Total personal integrity and complete professional dedication

• Lead by example, assist others and always train for excellence

• Appreciate what motivates each team member and facilitate them

• Great team leadership & continuous improvement = Success!

Systems Engineer, Regional Sales Manager & Group Plans:

• Quickly understand all sales and technical aspects of your unique business requirements

• Successfully plan how to exceed any and all quota expectations

• Grow regional sales portfolio and increase net new business, year over year (YOY)

• Enable everyone to achieve the company mission of 100% quality

Linked Achievement Goals Result in Specific Tactical Steps:

• Rapidly develop  short / long term attack blueprints for all major strategic accounts. More data = better results.

• Identify leaders in each department who can suggest tactics, thereby helping to rally your  staff via linked goals

• Work smarter & more efficiently, together with better data analysis, this tightens alignment with executive plans

• Learn from the talented, be nimble, have fun, crush the sales quota & WIN!


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