Salesforce Completive and Loss Analysis Dashboard 

Salesforce Competitive

Loss Analysis and Competitive Dashboards show Win ratios.

Loss Analysis and Competitive Dashboards show win ratios.

Quarterly Loss Analysis vs. your Competitors.  Win/Loss ratios are shown by reason and product.

Monthly, quarterly and yearly loss analysis is an overlooked and yet crucial part of sales process improvement.  It is often best to try to out maneuver any rivals but nearly impossible to solve a problem if you can not quantify it. Loss analysis facilitates you by identifying which procedures and approaches don’t work, finally spotlighting where refinement can take place.

When coupled with competitive analysis, the resulting dataset illustrates overall strengths and weaknesses based on win-loss ratios. Janssen Technology dashboards explain why losses have happened, shows the logical next steps and targets efforts to prevent future costly occurrences.

Details Written by Aaron Janssen Category: Salesforce Published: 27 April 2016 Hits: 2648