Founder Aaron Janssen

Founder Aaron Janssen

Founder Aaron Janssen

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Founder Aaron Janssen
Founder Aaron Janssen

Aaron Janssen started his public safety journey in 1984, when at 16, he joined the volunteer fire department in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 1985 he arrived first on the scene of a structure fire with another firefighter before any BCFD engines. They entered without airpacks and rescued the elderly family, Aaron was given a Citation of Merritt from the Mayor of Albuquerque, NM.

He later worked in South Central LA and as an EMT in Oakland at Allied Ambulance during the late 1980s. He responded to the Cypress Structure collapse and earthquake related fires/accidents plus numerous 911s calls during the next 72 hours. Aaron and many others received awards for their service from the County of Alameda, California during the crisis. Later founding (Loma Prieta Earthquake Response Team)

In 1994, after spending over 10 years in Fire and EMS, Aaron transitioned into network engineering, where he designed, then managed Albuquerque Public School’s Wide Area Network. Subsequently relocating to Phoenix to work for McAfee in 1999, Aaron took a position as Sales Engineering Director for Europe based in London, England for several years. He went on to establish Marine Data Systems (Janssen & Associates) a company specializing in IT consulting to the high-end marine market and spent 2 years living on the Spanish island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean.

After traveling to over 40 countries, he returned to the United States in 2005. Aaron has since held senior management positions with leading network security companies and supported many community organizations. He also coordinated development of Google Glassware which is specifically designed for public safety, disaster management and homeland security related applications.

In addition to being a technology entrepreneur, Aaron has always been involved in charity, establishing and He enjoys spending time with his son Hunter, many friends from other countries, keeping up on current events / international relations, geopolitics, piloting helicopters, private aerospace and NASA.

Combined Public Safety and Information Technology Experience
Over 25 years in security, software, network monitoring and analysis
Many senior sales, engineering and marketing leadership positions
International business development with Fortune 50 companies
Broke new ground with Beta deployments of unique cutting-edge technology such as the industry’s first 10GB analyzer (Sandia Labs)

Distinguishing Professional Qualifications
Top performer at Gartner magic quad hardware & software vendors
Expert with networking / security products and
Comprehensive understanding of market trends and futures
Compelling, entertaining and persuasive public speaker
Significantly skilled & adept at presentations to C-Level audiences

Interpersonal, Management and Leadership Attributes
Highly effective in attracting talent, supervisor of over 40 FFs/EMTs
Outstanding communication skills and a great sense of humor
Inspiring and truly motivating while working with team members
Willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success!

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